Fire & Life Safety

Deco A/V is proud to offer our clients the best in fire and life safety equipment.

Fire and Life Safety

Peace of Mind is the number one service we provide when it comes to any of our systems. However, we take great pride in knowing we are protecting lives and property with our Fire Systems.

The threat of fire and imminent loss as a result of fire is real. Deco A/V offers state of the art, affordable solutions that are built on open platforms so they can easily be integrated with other safety solutions you may already have in place.

We provide early visual and audible warning to the inhabitants of the building, as well as the fire department and the person you list as your company’s main point of contact.

Deco A/V provides priceless peace of mind, our clients know when partnering with us they reduce their risk of a catastrophic loss of life, or loss of valuable assets, or loss of revenue simply by doing business with us. It is simple to see that professionally designed, installed and maintained fire alarm systems save lives and property. Let’s face it saving lives and property is one of the greatest responsibilities a building manager has!

Of course it is and that is one of the many reasons we are going to be great partners. Our job is to be your partner in being compliant and successful We look forward to sharing our knowledge and expert planning with you. We know Deco A/V’s ability to keep your crucial life safety systems in top performance will also ensure your in compliance with NFPA and all local fire safety ordinances, which let’s face it…makes EVERYONE Happy!

Fire Boxes