Company History

Deco A/V has a long, storied history starting back in the early 1950's. Learn more about how Deco A/V has improved and grown over the years.

Company History

In the early 1950’s, Deco A/V started out in the Television repair business. Deco A/V developed a partnership with several local hospitals in the late 1950’s and started the first of its kind television rental to patient’s service. During this time a television was considered a luxury and was not common place in each patient’s room. This was very forward thinking for the 50’s, a company standard we have had since the beginning - keep looking to the future!

Because Deco A/V believes in changing with the times as well as the needs our valued clients, we started the first of its kind In House Hospital Network which appeared in the hospitals where these televisions were rented. This channel allowed the hospitals to convey information to their patients in a way they had never done before.

This led to the first of its kind PIN(Patient Information Network) channel that is in the hospital exclusive to each hospital and their patients. This was ground breaking new territory.

Deco A/V, true to their forward thinking roots, grew with the needs of their hospital clients and started Networking Electronics, Specializing in Pace Makers, Defibrillators, and we were the first company, in Louisville, to ever set up the first ICU and CCU’s with our forward thinking electronic capabilities.

Due to our amazing relationships with the major hospitals in the Louisville, KY area, it became a natural progression of events for hospitals decided to trust us to install security cameras at the hospital, for the first time ever…Deco A/V became the natural first choice for installation and service of their security systems due to our proven record of best in class Sales, Installation, and Service.

When AT&T lost the monopoly it had on The Phone industry, Deco A/V started installing phone lines. As time progressed we transitioned from low voltage contracting to the top notch leaders in the industry we are today as Systems Integrators Experts.

Due to our extensive knowledge we had acquired through ongoing education as well as practical application we became the best in the business at different types of technology and systems and being able to marry them together into one streamlined system that not only saves our clients’ money but ends up with better results.

So, by 2005 we were (and still are today) the best in the business when it comes to Network Technology. Our Open Platform can be easily customized to any of our client’s needs. We offer everything electronic your business could need from Security systems to access control readers such as thumb readers, pin pads, and card readers.

Our Networking capabilities allow our clients to have one back bone wire in their building to run their entire network from. This reduces costs to our clients and streamlines networks.

We have found most companies will have their security on one network and then their business on a separate network. This allows the I.T. Department to be in charge of the business network and a third party watch dog such as our selves will maintain and oversee the Security network so there is never fear by the business owner that we will try to upsell them on items they don’t need. We take pride in using as much existing equipment as possible because our client’s bottom line matters to us, bottom line!!!

We now proudly partner with all of the most prestigious hospitals in the Louisville Area with Jewish, Norton’s and Clark Memorial to name a few. We also are partnered with Louisville Airport and GE Appliance Park.

When companies are looking for the best…we are who they call! Please be sure to read a few of our first hand testimonials from some of our satisfied clients.